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Christmas Recipes – Christmas Strawberries December 19, 2006

Christmas Recipes – Christmas Strawberries

This strawberry shaped confection is a tasty and pretty addition to
your Christmas trays.

1 12 oz. can Eagle Brand condensed milk
1 6 oz. pkg. strawberry gelatin mix
14 oz. fine coconut
  green icing

Mix the condensed milk, coconut, and gelatin mix together, reserving
2 T. of the strawberry gelatin powder.  Chill the mixture.

Shape into strawberries.  The easiest way to get a “strawberry shape”
was to roll a ball, and the pull gently on one side to elongate it.

Roll in the reserved gelatin powder.

With the green icing, make a “hull” on the top of the strawberries.
Chill until firm.

Makes 24-36 depending on how big you make the strawberries


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