Christmas Recipes

Recipes for Christmas – Holiday Recipes


  1.  Go to the crafts store.

  2.  Purchase one or more bags of dried fruit, some plaster of
      paris, brown paint and a disposable cake pan.

  3.  Return home.

  4.  Unwrap the dried fruit, carefully folding the wrapper inside-
      out and placing it at the bottom of your trash can.  Better
      yet, send it through your personal paper  shredder and use it
      for insulation in the attic.

  5.  Mix the plaster of paris with water and pour into the
      disposable cake pan.  Place dried fruit on top, gently
      pushing in so it looks “baked” in the “batter.”  Let dry.

  6.  Take your “fruitcake” out of the disposable cake pan.

  7.  Cover the top, bottom and sides with brown paint, avoiding
      the fruit.

  8.  Wrap your “fruitcake” in festive, colored saran wrap and
      finish with a bow.  I like using red wrap because it gives a
      warm glow to the “fruitcake.”

  9.  Give your “fruitcake” to someone you want to impress.
      When they lift it, they’ll say, “Wow! You must have made a
      really rich fruitcake!”  Don’t forget to smile and say, “Oh, its
      Paris-style fruitcake.”

 10.  Don’t worry about someone trying to eat your fruitcake.
      Nobody actually eats fruitcake… that’s just a rumor.  Just so
      you know, the dried fruit won’t go “bad” because it has the
      same preservatives as Twinkies, which have a shelf-life of
      about 237 years.

Special note:  Make sure to sign your initials on the bottom of
your masterpiece– just in case someone tries to give YOU a
“Paris-style fruitcake” next year…



  1. littlegrebe Says:

    Look forward to your Christmas Pudding recipe! – and have you considered mince pies – there’s a lot of room for improvisation with the filling!

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