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Christmas Recipes – Walnut Snowman October 23, 2007

2 egg cups

yogurt container

black, felt tip pen


small paint brush


glue gun





horse chestnut 1

plastic top hat 1

small black sequin 1

silver metallic pipecleaner 1

red plastic French horn 1

small gold thread 1

piece 10″ black, for hanging

acrylic paint white

acrylic paint black

tinsel pom poms 2 ½” iridescent

paper towel

walnut 1

Step by Step Instructions

1. Pour a small amount of white paint into a yogurt container.

2. Paint the walnut with a generous coat of white paint. Let dry

sitting in an eggcup. You can touch up the spots missing paint


3. Paint the chestnut with a generous coat of white paint. Let dry

sitting in an eggcup. Don’t worry if some of the paint comes off the

bottom because this part will be glued to the walnut and won’t show.

4. Wash and dry the yogurt container.

5. When both the walnut and the chestnut are dry you can glue them

together. Squeeze hot glue on the bottom of the chestnut and press

it to the top of the walnut, the larger rounded end. Hold the

chestnut briefly in place until set.

6. Now it is time to decorate the snowman. Starting at the top,

squeeze hot glue around the inner rim of the hat where the hat will

be resting on the chestnut. Hold briefly to secure.

7. Squeeze a small amount of hot glue onto the back of the star

sequin and press to the front of the black hat. The glue is hot so

don’t stick your finger over the hole in the middle of the sequin,

press it down on the sides of the sequin. With a damp paper towel,

quickly wipe up any excess glue that has squeezed out through the

hole in the middle of the sequin.

8. Cut a 3″ long piece off of the red metallic pipe cleaner. Squeeze

a line of glue around the neck area of the snowman (between the two

nuts) and wrap the pipe cleaner around the neck pressing the pipe

cleaner into the glue. Hold the pipe cleaner in place briefly until

the glue hardens. Twist the pipe cleaner near the neck to make it

look like a scarf tied around the snowman’s neck. Don’t pull the

ends too hard because you don’t want to disturb the snowman’s head.

9. Now it is time to glue on the pom poms. They need to be glued

halfway between the top and bottom of the walnut and just next to the

seams of the walnut. Press the pom poms briefly to the walnut until

they are secure.

10. Squeeze a small amount of hot glue onto each end of the French

horn, centre it over the pom poms and press the ends onto the pom

poms. Hold until secure.

11. Now it is time to paint the features on the chestnut face of the

snowman. If necessary, mark off where you will be painting the eyes,

nose and mouth by making small dots with a black, felt tip pen on top

of the white paint on the chestnut head. Make sure you leave enough

room to accommodate the dots of paint you will be adding on top of

each pen mark you made. Pour a small amount of black paint into the

yogurt container. Dip the small plastic end of the paintbrush into

the paint and blot off the end lightly on the paper towel. Press the

end onto the face below the hat to create the first eye. Lay the

snowman down flat to let the paint dry for five minutes before going

on to the next step.

12. Cut a 10″ piece of thread and tie it around the neck just above

the piece of pipe cleaner, knot it near the neck then knot the ends.

Hang it on your tree or around the house and enjoy.


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