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Vegetable Recipes March 31, 2008

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Prepare four ears of fresh corn by removing the outer
husks and silks; boil and then drain well. Cut the grains from the cobs
and place in a bowl, season with salt and pepper, add one-fourth pound
of sifted flour, two eggs and a half pint of cold milk. Stir vigorously,
but do not beat, with a wooden spoon for five minutes, when it will be
sufficiently firm; butter a frying-pan, place it on a fire, and with a
ladle holding one gill put the mixture on the pan in twelve parts, being
careful that they do not touch one another, and fry till of a good
golden color, cooking for four or five minutes on each side. Dress them
on a folded napkin, and serve.

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Soup Recipes – Soups – STOCK OR CONSOMME

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Jewish Recipes

Make a good gravy from shin of beef, and cut up very small various
sorts of vegetables of whatever may be in season, add spices, pepper,
and salt; when it is all stewed well down together, set it to cool and
take off the fat, then place it again on the fire to boil, and add to
two quarts of soup, one quarter of a pound of rice, beat two yolks of
eggs with a little of the stock, and when the rice is quite tender,
stir them into the soup, taking the precaution not to let the soup
boil, and to stir always the same way.

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Salad Recipes

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Bake the beets until tender, remove the skins and place
them in the ice box to chill. Shred a white cabbage finely and sprinkle
well with salt and use lettuce leaves to line the salad bowl. Slice the
beets, place them on the lettuce, spread with a layer of cabbage,
garnish with sliced beets cut in points and dress with mayonnaise or
boiled dressing.

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Cream one-third cup of butter with one cup of
sugar, add one-half cup of milk, one and three-quarter cups of flour
sifted twice with two and one-half level teaspoons of baking powder, and
flavor with a mixture of one-third teaspoon of lemon flavoring and
two-thirds teaspoon of vanilla flavoring.
Bake in little plain patty
pans and cover the top of each with white icing.
Garnish with two little
leaves cut from angelica and a bit of red candied cherry.

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Chocolate Recipes Cocoa Recipes Candy Recipes

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Put one pint of milk in the double-boiler, and on the fire. Shave two
ounces of Chocolate, and put it in a small pan
with four tablespoonfuls of sugar and two of boiling water. Stir over
the fire until smooth and glossy, and add to the hot milk. Beat together
for eight minutes the yolks of four eggs, three tablespoonfuls of sugar,
and a saltspoonful of salt, and then add one gill of cold milk.

Pour the boiling milk on this, stirring well. Return to the
double-boiler, and cook for five minutes, stirring all the time. Pour
into a cold bowl and set the bowl in cold water. Stir for a few minutes,
and then occasionally until the sauce is cold.

This sauce is nice for cold or hot cornstarch pudding, bread pudding,
cold cabinet pudding, snow pudding, etc. It will also answer for a
dessert. Fill custard glasses with it, and serve the same as soft
custard; or have the glasses two-thirds full, and heap up with whipped

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Vegetable Recipes – Recipes for Vegetables

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The outer leaves of the cabbage should be removed, then cut it into quarters and cut out the salt; wash it well in salt and water, and leave in the water for half-an-hour. Then put it into a colander and shake all the water from it. Place on the fire a large saucepan of water, and when it boils, put in two teaspoonsful of salt and a quarter of a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda. Put in the cabbage and cover down till it boils up; then remove the lid and boil very quickly, pressing it down into the water from time to time. It will be done in from fifteen to twenty minutes; try it with a fork, and if soft turn into a colander, and very carefully press all the water from it. Slip into a vegetable dish and cut into neat pieces.

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Seafood Recipes


One pint shredded codfish, two quarts mashed potatoes, well seasoned

with butter and pepper–salt, if necessary. Make this mixture into

balls. After dipping them into a mixture of two eggs beaten with

one-half cup milk, place them in a dripping pan into which you have

put a little butter; place them in the oven; baste frequently with

eggs and milk; bake till a golden brown.

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