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Soup Recipes March 4, 2008

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Place a knuckle of veal, weighing about a pound and
one-half, into a soup kettle, with a quart of water, one small onion, a
sprig of parsley, a bay leaf, and the liquor drained from the clams, and
simmer gradually for an hour and a half, skimming from time to time;
strain the soup and again place it in the kettle; rub a couple of
tablespoonfuls of butter with an equal amount of flour together and add
it to the soup when it is boiling, stirring until again boiling; chop up
twenty-five clams very fine, then place them in the soup, season and
boil for about five minutes, then add a pint of milk or cream, and
remove from the fire immediately, and serve.grape salad recipe


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