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Bread Recipes March 9, 2008

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~ORIENTAL OATMEAL BREAD~–Take two cupfuls of rolled oats, put in bread
pan, turn on four cupfuls of boiling water, stir for awhile. Add, while
hot, a heaping tablespoonful of lard or one scant tablespoonful of
butter and one of lard, two teaspoonfuls of salt and four tablespoonfuls
of sugar and three of molasses. Now add two cupfuls of cold water
(making six cups of water in all) and, if cool enough, add one yeast
cake dissolved in a very little water. Now stir in all the white flour
it will take until it is as stiff as you can manage it with the spoon.
Set in warm place over night, and in the morning with spoon and knife
fill your tins part full, let rise to nearly top of pan, then bake an
hour for medium size loaves.

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