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Vegetable Recipes March 9, 2008

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Potato marbles seasoned with minced parsley, butter
and lemon juice are liked by many. Others find that they are not
sufficiently seasoned, that is, the seasoning has not penetrated into
the potatoes, especially if a large cutter has been used. This method
will be found to remedy this fault, giving a seasoning which reaches
every portion of the potato. It may not be quite so attractive as the
somewhat underdone marbles, but the flavor is finer.

Pare the potatoes and steam or boil them until soft, being careful they
do not cook too fast. Drain off the water and let them stand uncovered
until dry. Then cut in quarters lengthwise, and then in thin slices,
letting them drop into a stewpan containing melted butter, salt and
paprika. When all are sliced cover them and let them heat for a few
minutes, add minced parsley and lemon Juice, shake them about so the
seasoning will be well mixed and serve at once.

Vegetable Biryani


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