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Lunch Recipes March 14, 2008

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For this use the steamed Boston
brown bread and a potato loaf of white. Take the crust from the white
loaf, using a sharp knife. Then instead of cutting crosswise cut in thin
lengthwise pieces. Treat the brown loaf in the same way. Butter a slice
of the white bread on one side and do the same with a brown slice. Put
the two buttered sides together with a thin layer of fresh cream cheese
between. Next butter the top of the brown slice of bread, spread again
with cream cheese and lay a second slice of buttered white bread on top.
Repeat until there are five layers, having the white last. Now with a
sharp knife cut crosswise in thin slices. Sometimes the cream cheese
filling can be varied with chopped pistachio nuts or olives, or it can
be omitted entirely. In any case, it is delicate and appetizing.

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