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BEEF, VEAL AND PORK Recipes March 30, 2008

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Procure a medium sized white cabbage,
remove all the green leaves, and cut it into quarters, removing the
center stalks. Wash thoroughly in cold water, drain well and cut into
small pieces. Put in boiling salted water for five minutes. Take out and
put in cold water and cool moderately. Drain in a colander and put in a
saucepan with one gill of fat from soup stock or one ounce of butter.
Season with a pinch of salt and one-half pinch of pepper, a medium sized
onion and a carrot cut into small quarters. Put on the cover of the
saucepan, set on a moderate fire and cook for half an hour. Take twelve
sausages, prick them with a fork, add them to the cabbage and allow all
to cook together for twelve minutes. Dress the cabbage on a hot dish and
arrange the sausages and carrot on top. Serve very hot.

Chicken Recipes


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