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Condiment Recipes – PRESERVES, PICKLES AND RELISH June 9, 2008

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To one peck small green tomatoes allow eight
onions. Slice all together and sprinkle with one cupful of salt. Let
them stand twenty-four hours, then drain and cover with fresh water.
Make a strong ginger tea, allowing one quart of boiling water to a pound
of bruised ginger root. Let it simmer gently for twenty minutes until
the strength of the ginger is extracted. Scald the chopped tomatoes in
this. Drain. Mix together one ounce ground ginger, two tablespoonfuls
black pepper, two teaspoonfuls ground cloves, a quarter pound white
mustard seed, one-half cupful ground mustard, one ounce allspice, three
ounces celery seed and three pounds brown sugar. Now put the sliced
onions and tomatoes in a kettle with sugar and spices in alternate
layers, and pour over them enough white wine vinegar to cover well. Cook
the pickle until tender, then pack in jars and seal.

Slow Cooker Chicken


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