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Soup Recipes – Recipes for Soups June 9, 2008

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1 pint of Milk—2d.

1 oz. Butter—1d.

4 Onions

Salt and Pepper

1 pint White Bone Stock

Dry Crusts—1d.

Total Cost—4d.

Time—One Hour.

Peel and slice up the onions and put them into a saucepan with the butter; make them very hot, and then cover them down and leave them to cook by the side of the fire for an hour, but they must not get any colour. Break in some dry, hard pieces of bread; it should be crust only for this soup. Boil the milk and stock together, pour it over the onions and bread, and let it simmer very slowly, closely covered, for an hour; rub through a sieve, season with salt and pepper and a few drops of lemon juice. Boil up and serve with fried bread.

vegetable soup recipe


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