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Dessert Recipes – CAKE RECIPES CRULLERS AND ECLAIRS July 17, 2008

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Beat together one-half cup of butter and two cups of sugar
until light and creamy, add the well beaten yolks of three eggs,
one-half cup of milk, three cups of flour in which three teaspoons of
baking powder have been sifted, and last the stiffly beaten whites of
three eggs.
Add any flavoring preferred and bake in a moderate oven.

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Cake Recipes – Dessert Recipes – Cakes

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Take half-a-pound of flour, three ounces of which are to be put aside
for rolling out the cakes, the other five ounces, with a quarter of
a pound of fresh butter, are to be set before the fire for a few
minutes; after which mix with it half a pound of sugar, a quarter of a
pound of sweet almonds, chopped fine, and a couple of eggs; make these
ingredients into thin cakes, and strew over them ground almonds and
white sugar, and bake in a brisk oven.

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